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Re: About CD vendor (was: Re: Debian CD Vendor (luatec))

On Sun, Jul 02, 2006 at 08:18:43PM -0300, Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) wrote:
> 	BTW, Richard, usually you are the one doing CD Vendor adding, I 
> know that other have been checking and pinging them and I have some old 
> e-mails marked as TODO/TO-CHECK (on debian-www), they are old e-mail but 
> I never saw a reply from you to debian-www (like "added"), is there any 
> chance that you (or somebody else) had added the vendor but not replied?

Um - I think I sometimes added people in the past and forgot to reply to 
the list. I usually wait a few weeks for a couple of requests to build up, 
and then do the requests in one go.

It's possible that requests fall through the cracks from time to time - I 
usually don't worry about that because IMHO someone who really wants to be 
added will usually retry at least once. ;-/

Still got these on my TODO list: shopforlinux.co.uk, olysy.eu, luatec.com, 
debian-linux.w.pl, possibly dittaferrara.it.

> <sidenote>
> 	Do you think is it worthwhile to have some small interface, so
> 	vendors can add themselves and we have system to check-approve-add
> 	more "automagically", like something integrated with perl/PHP, and
> 	we just ended up needing to commit to CVS?
> </sidenote>

Yes, that would be useful! Unfortunately, a bit of bureaucracy is usually 
involved when you want to put some kind of script online on debian.org.



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