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Re: New vendor: Ditta Ferrara

Hi Richard,

Il giorno mar, 27/06/2006 alle 10.46 +0200, Richard Atterer ha scritto:
> On Tue, Jun 27, 2006 at 09:53:32AM +0200, ferrara wrote:
> > Vendor: Ditta Ferrara
> > URL: http://www.dittaferrara.it
> I'm inclined not to add this site to the CD vendors list - to me, this 
> smells of "give me a free link from debian.org to my otherwise irrelevant 
> homepage". There's not really any useful Linux-related info on 
> dittaferrara.it itself.
> Opinions?

I had a look at the website: they are mainly resellers of video DVDs and
CD. They also have a small section about computer software DVDs that
include only two Debian DVDs. I did not find anything about free
software or open source.

I don't know what is mandatory in order to be listed as Debian CD
vendors; but generally speaking probably you are right.


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