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Re: Suggestions For The Website

Jutta Wrage wrote:

> If you suggest changes, please note, that we will not do any changes,  that make the pages not validate any longer. If IE does not display  the HTML corectly, please submit a bug report to the browser  manufacturer.

I completely agree with you, i don't even use IE.

>I think that the current solution is typographically a mess. It's not just
>the mixed upper and lower cased words, it's the bulk list of words written
>in different alphabets.
Here is the reply of  Richard Atterrer

>No. This has been discussed before on the list - each word in that area of 
>the page is the translation of the respective language name into that 
>language. With some languages (e.g. English), languages are always written 
>with a capital letter, but not in others.
For me it sounds logical, but i am still not convinced by the usage of capital letters for certain languages.

> Well, if a feature like #outer>#inner in the css doesn't work in  iexplore, doesn't it mean that it is a browser specific "extension" ?
> No. It is valid CSS and any browser should know, what it means. If  not, we can find another valid way, maybe.

Well i suggested for that simply to use :

#footer{border-top: 1px solid #BFC3DC;}

I think it is funny to discuss such things, don't you agree ? Please tell me if i should change the way i write, thanks :-)

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