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Re: Suggestions For The Website

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Am 24.06.2006 um 23:26 schrieb kailander:


<form method="get" action="http://cgi.debian.org/cgi-bin/redirect.pl";>

<input type="hidden" name="page" value="/intro/about">

Valid HTML

Your suggestion:

<form method="get" action="http://cgi.debian.org/cgi-bin/ redirect.pl">
      <input type="hidden" name="page" value="/intro/about" />
      Select a server near you

Not valid HTML.

input elements that are hidden should be directly inside the form, not inside an element of the form
input tag should end with " /" like that <input type="hidden" />

The page header says "HTML 4.01" which uses exactly our code.

If you suggest changes, please note, that we will not do any changes, that make the pages not validate any longer. If IE does not display the HTML corectly, please submit a bug report to the browser manufacturer.

just like <br /> and <hr />
i suggest to put &nbsp; instead of blank space

Her the spaces are not necessary at all. It depends on browsers, how they display it. a &nbsp; increases the pages size for nothing and makes code more unreadable in my eyes.

Unfortunately Jutta, who has been doing most of the CSS changes lately,
doesn't test on MSIE at all. :-/

That is not correct completely any longer. And beside that I test in many other browsers, not mentioned here. Most important rendering engines are KHTML and Gecko engine as they are used on Unix and Linux machines most times. Beside that, it is important that the web pages display fine in Lynx and other common text browsers. Whatever changes are done, these browsers have to work fine.

This means: Finding a workaround for IE (I suggested to include the IE7 Javascript for repairing pages for IE), cannot mean breaking pages for other browsers at all. So testing a change in IE means ti have a look, if pages are still valid and work in all other browsers.

Blindly applying changes suggested by somebody will break the pages. In the case above we will get 22,000 validation errors.

But if i tested it on both of them, why dont you make the necessary changes ?
Besides, you wrote on the "How is www.debian.org made" the following :

Hope you understand now.

How not to help

[Q] I want to put fancy web feature into www.debian.org, may I?

[A] No. We want www.debian.org to be as accessible as possible, so

    * no browser specific "extensions".
* no relying on images only. Images may be used to clarify, but the information on www.debian.org must remain accessible via a text- only web browser, like lynx.

Well, if a feature like #outer>#inner in the css doesn't work in iexplore, doesn't it mean that it is a browser specific "extension" ?

No. It is valid CSS and any browser should know, what it means. If not, we can find another valid way, maybe.

Anyway, i am very glad that i can participate in the development of this website.

Please read the pages about how to get the cvs tree and try to work with it. On the other hand you may accept, that there are some rules for the pages. We are not doing pages for W? users only, but mainly for Debian Users and any changes must be tested, before applying.

If you find changes, that are valid, please post the diffs to the list, so that we can have a look at them and apply them, maybe.



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