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Re: Suggestions For The Website

On 24 Jun 2006 23:26:46 +0200
kailander <kailander@interia.pl> wrote:

> But why are there still tags in uppercase

Because no one changed them to lower case yet.

> If its impossible as you say, please, leave all the lines with no indentation, so it will look much better !

As far as I can tell, indentation generally follows the individual editors' and translators' tastes.  They are after all the only people who look at the source code on a regular basis.  I see no reason to change this only to suit aesthetically minded visitors who happens to browser our site by HTML source code - how likely a situation is that?

> >No. This has been discussed before on the list - each word in that area of 
> >the page is the translation of the respective language name into that 
> >language. With some languages (e.g. English), languages are always written 
> >with a capital letter, but not in others.
> I think all the languages should be written in capital letters because its much more clear and easy to pick up a language from the list, just like titles of songs are written on cd covers.

Personally I have no trouble locating the individual languages in the list.  Besides, language selection is done automatically for most people using content negotiation.

> however, if you follow the mentioned rule, i wanted to say that it is applicable only if you write each language in separate sentence written in that language.

I'm not aware of any cross-language grammar rule convering this situation (or any situation, for that matter).

Our solution to the problem seems like a reasonable compromise.  If the listed languages were all in upper or lower case, I'm certain someone else would complain, as you can't satisfy everyone.

> >Unfortunately Jutta, who has been doing most of the CSS changes lately, 
> >doesn't test on MSIE at all. :-/
> But if i tested it on both of them, why dont you make the necessary changes ?

Please have patience, all this is done in our spare time as a hobby.  People have lives outside Debian, believe it or not. :-)

> Anyway, i am very glad that i can participate in the development of this website.

We're glad to have your assistance.

I have no comments on the points you make on correctness of code; we do care about it and it will probably be fixed if a knowledgeable person looks into it agrees with your conclusions.

All of the above is only my take on it; we are many people working on Debian's web site...

Regards, Kaare - <http://www.nightcall.dk/>

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