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Apache delivering the wrong file


With the addition of calendar (ics) files I noticed a changed
behaviour in the Apache on www.debian.org.  When I view the
.../events/ page with lynx or w3m and try to follow one of the events
links, the calendar file is displayed instead of the rendered HTML

The problem is that lynx requests the URI with

  Accept: text/html, text/plain, [..], text/*

Apache apparently prefers to deliver text/calendar (hence, the ics
file) over text/html and so lynx (or w3m for that matter).

In w3m this can easily be fixed by editing the .w3m/config file via

  accept_media text/html;q=1.0, text/*;q=0.5, [..]

In lynx this seems to be a bit difficult...

However, this problem would best be fixed on the webserver itself.
The problem is that the only way we (I already asked some friends)
found to order the mime types seems to be the creation of type-maps
for all affected files, i.e. all > 200 files within the .../events/

The way how type-maps look like is described here:


There's even a Perl script that takes care of their generation:

Do you think it's feasable to create type-map files for all event
files within the .../events/ directory?

If not, do you see a different approach to fix this problem?



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