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Selling Debian Specific Applications in Philadelphia, PA

To Whom It May Concern

I have 3 specific products I can sell to Debian users in the Philadephia, 
PA, area.
 - Remote Responder(SM): http://www.linuxforce.net/remoteresponder.html
   o All of our service products are managed services which include Remote
     Responder(SM), our systems monitoring and maintenance service.
 - LinuxForceMail:  http://www.linuxforce.net/mail
   o Perhaps comparison without e-mail hygiene solutions or comparing
     the ClamAV component to other anti-virus solutions
 - Powerwall:  http://www.linuxforce.net/powerwall.html
   o Full-featured firewall on off-the-shelf hardware.  IPSEC VPN based on
     Linux kernel
Please Provide me with a list of Debian customers in Philadelphia, PA.


Thomas V. McLaughlin

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