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Re: price of the 3 debian cds much more expensive than what it is told on the website

ok, thanks for the link.
i will maybe download kubuntu. what is the difference between debian sarge and ubuntu or kubuntu ?
(i know that ubuntu uses gnome and that kubuntu uses kde).
what is the gui of debian sarge ? is it multi-gui ?
bruno doutriaux

2006/6/12, Frédéric Bothamy <frederic.bothamy@free.fr >:
* bruno doutriaux <harlock59@gmail.com > [2006-06-12 10:35] :
> hello, i am french and i live in france, and i went on the page of the
> french debian distributor for france, and on the debian site, it is said
> that the 3 debian cds is about 6 usdollars
> but on the reseller's site, it is 54 euros !! (more than 54 usdollars)
> thanks for your replying.
> http://www.cd-dvd-linux-bsd.com/index.php?cPath=21_23&sort=2a&page=2

Most probably this is for the complete set of CDs, ie 14 CDs. You can
find smaller sets at ikarios.com for instance.



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