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Attention Event Coordinators

Dear Event Coordinator/Vendor,

My name is John Barbieri and I am the creator of a new Website called: www.VendorsInc.com .  The main purpose for this website is to create a database of Street, Market, Flea, Craft and Food vendors throughout the US.  As a programmer and vendor myself, it is clear that there are many events happening around the country and as vendors run around working the shows and events they know of, they are missing a lot of opportunities by not trying different events or even knowing about them.  Therefore, we are asking you to list your event(s).

VendorInc assists several different audiences:

* Vendors
* Event Coordinators; by providing FREE event listings and access to vendors.
* The public; by viewing listings by location
* Wholesalers and Distributors
* Communities/Municipalities
* Organizations (private & public)
* All the different markets, fairs and shows

Eventually we will be able to poll the vendors by event and provide the event coordinators survey information about their event from the vendor?s perspective.  You may be surprised at what the vendors say and feel about your event.  This information can be used by you to make your event even more successful in the future.

Since I have developed this site, I can do anything to improve its capability to assist you in getting the most out of it.  And the best part is there?s NO CHARGE for listing your event(s). Yes, it?s FREE!

There are other sites that list events. The difference is, once our database is fully populated, you will have a host of vendors wanting to participate in your event.  Specific vendors will be automatically notified of your event, giving you less work in trying to fill all your vendor spaces/spots.

We are getting more and more hits to the site everyday and eventually we are expecting high volume traffic.  While initially I can?t tell you how many hits you will receive from our site, I will say, getting this started and moving forward will be a big benefit to you and to all the vendors willing to participate in your event(s). Therefore, I ask you to please list your event.  You can do so by clicking here: http://www.vendorsinc.com/ListEvent.asp

I hope to see your event listing and if you have any questions, my contact information is below.

Best regards,

John Barbieri

P.S.  Please feel free to pass this information onto your municipal officials, local organizations or vendors who will greatly benefit from this new and upcoming site.

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