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RE: Debian Installation ISO DVD Image Files

Hi Mihira,

While installation its asking me to select x server driver: (video card
driver for the X Server)

My video card driver is intel express chipset



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Robert J. A. Fernandes. wrote:
> Thanks Mihira,
> OK fine, so I want to ask just 1 last doubt like how to make this
> installation as an server installation like make this debian pc as an
> server like windows server something like that.
Ah! well the standard practice for server is that it'll be console only 
(no GUI). This is done when you install deb as its asks what type of 
installation you want : Desktop, server or custom.
What that does is to preselect packages to install. Like Gnome desktop 
with open office if you select Desktop and Apache and PostgreSql if you 
select Server.
There's no fine tuning needed as it works as a server out of the box.All

you have to do is to install the service that you need like Apache, 
MySQL, Samba Server etc. and install only the stuff you need.
> Just I want this debian to act as as OS application server like how
> windows server acts - in that we have options.
Like I said, you don't need any fine tuning by default unless you're 
planning to have an unusual setup.


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