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Bug#227273: marked as done (packages.debian.org: charset problems in DDTP files)

reopen 227273

> From: Shirley <xvuitqveug@shawbiz.ca>
> Subject: looking for someone?
> To: 227273-done@bugs.debian.org
> Date: Fri, 02 Jun 2006 11:19:15 +0000
> Hire,
> i am here sitting in the internet caffe. Found your email and
> decided to write. I might be coming to your place in 14 days, 
> so I decided to email you. May be we can meet? I am 25 y.o.
> girl. I have a pi!cture if you want. No need to replay here as 
> this is not my email. Write me at qpl@freemailserv.com

reopened bug closed by SPAM mail ...


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