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Re: www language and cookies

On Wed, May 31, 2006 at 09:43:14PM +0900, nigel barker wrote:
> I find that every debian page I visit appears in Japanese until I click
> English at the bottom of the page. Unfortunately some pages don't have
> that option, and others remain partially in Japanese after I change
> language (eg wiki pages). changing mirror doesn't help, either.
> I realise that I am getting Japanese because I am located in Japan, but
> can't a cookie be set for my preferred langauge? That is what happens with
> Google. First visit - google japan. Every subsequent visit unless I clear
> cookies - google.com.
> Or if I select the US mirror, give me US english.
> This is quite a recent problem. In the past I have always had debian pages
> in english by default.
> I'm sorry if this appears as a complaint. Thanks for the great work.

Your web browser is probably misconfigured.  Please see



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