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Who's using Debian?

Another entry for the page...

1. Name: Department of Economics, University of Toronto
2. Organization type: Educational (university)
3. Link: http://www.economics.utoronto.ca/
4. How Debian is used:

Presently we use Debian on 8 of our 9 Linux servers; the holdout is a
legacy installation of another distribution that is no longer maintained
but is required for certain software usage. Debian is the distribution
of choice because of the timeliness and completeness of updates, the
breadth of software available, and the ease of software installation and
management. It is often possible to have a Debian machine fully
functional in under 20 minutes from bare metal using very limited tools.

Our Debian-based Linux systems are used for many tasks, some of these
are: web servers, file servers, database servers (postgresql and mysql),
64-bit task servers for large scale graduate research project (running
R, Stata, Matlab), two peer reviewed journal sites, network backup and
install point, and many other uses.

Peter D. St. Onge,                  http://pete.economics.utoronto.ca/
IT Admin, Department of Economics           pete@economics.utoronto.ca
SSH4077, 100 St. George, University of Toronto            416-946-3594

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