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Linking suggestion for Local Eyes China translation services

Dear Managing Director* ,

My name is Laura Donovan. I am writing to you on behalf of the *Local Eyes Translation Services* (www.localeyeschina.com). With experienced language professionals in the UK, and Chinese translation professionals in all major Chinese-speaking regions, we provide excellent quality* translation and localization services*.

I have noticed that your website deals with operation systems and I believe it is very much connected to the topic of our web page. Please visit our site and take into consideration adding our web page to your list of links (http://www.china-linguist.com/en.index.html ).
You may want to use the following details: *title* "Chinese translations"
*url:* www.localeyeschina.com
* description*: Local Eyes China provides the very highest quality translation and localization services from English into Chinese

For more information, please contact me at laura.donovan@localeyeschina.com. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Most Sincerely,


= = = =

Laura Donovan


e. laura@localeyeschina.com

w. http://www.localeyeschina.com

= = = = =

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