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 My name is Julia Stefan and I represent Parklife Call Center Company from
Romania. I have visited your website and by this mail I want to announce
you that we have a new promotion regarding our services that might be
interesting and useful for you.

 We can offer you 5 agents (but we can offer you more, depending on your
needs) for many inbound and outbound services that you can find on our
website and here are some of them:

- Product/service orders,
- Website service and support,
- Help desk support/tech support,
- Online chats management,
- Database clean-up/updating,
- Answering Services,
- Customized answering,
- Appointment scheduling,
- Time clock for your employees,
- Email, fax or voicemail delivery,

 We can be your partner for call center services! Our prices start from 5
Euro/Hour all taxes included for outbound services. We offer the best
price/quality relation due to our location (Romania).   Our personnel is
qualified, they know English and other foreign languages, having a good
fluency (both written and spoken) and accent recognized by all our
customers and also computer literacy and skills.   If you are interested
in our offer, please don't hesitate to contact us or to visit our website
www.parklife-crm.com .

 We are open to any suggestion from you and ready to any kind of

Best Regards,
Julia Stefan

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