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A filemanager depends on hurd ?


To my best knowledge, gnome-commander does not depend 
on The Hurd. It is a cool two pane filemanager but nothing else.
Can you please correct the website ?
I already contacted Michael Vogt, who is the package maintainer,
but now i realize this bug is not reflected in the package.
I hope it's only in the database.

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Package: gnome-commander (1.1.7-2+b1, 1.1.7-2)
Versions: 1.1.7-2 [alpha, arm, hppa, hurd-i386, i386, ia64, kfreebsd-i386, m68k, mips, mipsel, powerpc, sparc], 1.1.7-2+b1 [amd64, s390]
nice and fast file manager for the GNOME desktop

GNOME Commander is a fast and powerful graphical filemanager for the Gnome desktop environment, it has a "two-pane" interface in the tradition of Norton and Midnight Commander.

Homepage: http://www.nongnu.org/gcmd/
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      [dep] hurd [hurd-i386]

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