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Who's using Debian?

We like to be on your list at Debian.org.

Here is our company information  and a small article why and how we use
Debian Linux:

1) Name of the organisation: BB-Hosting, Montfoort, The Netherlands
2) Organization type: Commercial
3) Homelink page: http://bb-hosting.eu/
4) Describing how our organization uses Debian:
Since our inception about one year ago BB-Hosting has used only Debian
servers in our hosting operations. We chose Debian because of its ability to
work on inexpensive off-the-shelf hardware and lack of licensing fees, we
have continued to be impressed with its reliability, flexibility,
scalability and last but not least security! We now have 3 Debian servers
serving hundreds of web sites and email accounts and we've never been
disappointed. At the moment we run Debian Sarge on all our servers. The
system administrator is pleased with how smoothly the transition is thanks
to the well thought out design of all Debian releases. Debian Linux and its
package system is a class of its own!

Kind regards,
Hans Korpershoek

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