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Re: Debian Changelog Webpage/design

Richard Mittendorfer wrote:
> I've some problems viewing the pages: The design is quite nice, but
> scrolling is horrible slow even on my 900MHz box (firefox) -- and it's
> my fastest machine -- Impossible to scroll through on my 266MHz libby
> workhorse. This isn't bad at all as I use dillo there. But looking at it
> with dillo just gives me a singe line with all entries. Might be
> dillos fault - looks like it doesn't get the newlines.

The fixed background with scrolling text over it slow on any machine that was
not bought in the past year. Simply making the watermark (if it has to have
such a useless thing) scroll with the text will avoid this slowness and be
easier to read too.

And w3m fails to display the changelogs in a readable form too, apparently
since it is served the changelog in plain text format but with a text/html
content-type. For example, here is the top of pdmenu's changelog as displayed
by w3m:

pdmenu (1.2.87) unstable; urgency=low * The Return of the Shadows (thanks JED,
apologies JMS) -- Joey Hess Sat, 23 Jul 2005 09:22:01 -0400 pdmenu (1.2.86)
unstable; urgency=low * Switch to slang 2. * Since slang 2 has removed
SLSMG_BUILD_CHAR which was used to add shadows to characters, the shadow code

Leaving GET as the only usable way to use changelogs.debian.net at all for
me. :-/

(I've commented about this before in <20051020184234.GC6302@kitenet.net>
without any reply iirc.)

see shy jo

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