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Re: Patch for Chinese Debian web pages - Commit on sunday

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Am 11.03.2006 um 18:10 schrieb Jens Seidel:

Attention: Before you commit this you must be sure that the build host
www-master (runs Sarge) supports this. Does this work only with the bug fix
you requested so long? Do you have a test case?

It is not needed to submit the change of Make.lang. But somebody might look, if zh-autoconvert is installed on the build host, then the i386 binary in the webwml tree can be removed. Autogb from zh- autoconvert will run on i386 machnines. The problem ist only on ppc machines and maybe other non-i386 (missing correct exit code). But in my opinion the binary should be removed from the webwml tree as soon as possible. There is no source code for it available and therefore the binary should not be there and the build of pages depending on its existence/functionality.

It may be possible for an admin (debian-admin@lists.debian.org) to update this package but it should not contain too many not yet well tested changes.

As said before: the normal package can be installed, but the patch to the Makefile can be applied later.

-Âà´«¡A½Ð¥ý<A href="$(CHINESE)/mailing_lists"> q¾\</A>¤¤¤å p¹ºªº\
+Âà´«¡A½Ð¥ý<A href="$(HOME)/international/Chinese/mailing_lists"> q¾\</A>¤¤¤å p¹ºªº\

Since you replaced $(CHINESE) by $(HOME)/international/Chinese it may be possible to remove the definition of CHINESE as well (didn't found it in your patch). Or
is it still used (grep -r CHINESE .)?

The definition is in the .wmlrc files in many languages. The diff is made only on chinese and the .wmlrc files can be changed _after_ the changes are submitted.



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