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Is it possible to be added as a Vendor?

I am a value added vendor.  I packaged a server with Debian Linux Sarge installed on it and I would like to be able to sell to others who would like to buy an entry level server with pre-installed Debian Linux on it. 
Vendor Name:                                  Elian Hasrouni
URL of Vendor:                                 www.mini-techy.com
Donate some of the sale to Debian:    Yes
Type of CDs:                                     Produced by me based on official Debian CD Images
Country:                                            USA
Oversees shipping:                            No
URL:                                                http://www.mini-techy.com/html/debianlinux.html
Email Address for sales inquires:        sales@mini-techy.com
Architecture CDs are for:                    Intel based, 32bit, Servers (Installed and Tested); Intel 64 bit Servers (Future); Intel mulitiple Processor based servers (Future) 
Many Thanks,
Elian Hasrouni

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