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new vendor for the CD vendors list

Dear Sirs,

Please help us in bringing Linux into Thailand. The market in Thailand is dominated by RedHat however we know there are so much better solutions available. Debian has become a more impressive solution with the latest 3.1 release. We make Distributions available to end-users for near to cost price, Debian would cost about 5 USD for the 2 DVD set.

Please consider our effort for inclusion in your CD Vendor List:
Vendor Name: d-dee.net
URL of Vendor: http://www.d-dee.net
Contribute to Debian: At the moment our sales are low so Yes if we sell Debian sets Debian will get 10% of the sales.
Type of CDs sold: Official Releases only, primarily DVD
Country you are in: Thailand
Do you ship orders overseas: Only Thailand for now.
URL of a web page that has information about your Debian CDs: http://www.d-dee.net/Debian-Linux.html
Email address for sales enquiries: sales@d-dee.net
What architectures your CDs are for: x86 only for now, later we'll include 64bit versions

Kind Regards
Arnold Batten
Service Team

2/120 Moo 1 Sukhaphiban 5 Rd
Sai Mai, Sai Mai
10220 Bangkok

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