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Re: Replace my email

* Bas Zoetekouw <bas@debian.org> [2006-01-24 11:12] :
> Hi Frédéric!
> You wrote:
> > Having changed my email for pofrederic@yahoo.fr, could you transform my old
> > email pofrederic@gmail into pofrederic@yahoo.fr ?
> > I could continue to receive the mails which addressed to me.
> On which page should this change be made?

I believe that Frédéric is asking for a change in his mailing list
subscriptions. The debian-www team does not do this, they handle Debian
webpage maintenance. I also believe that listmasters don't do that, you
(Frédéric) have to unsubscribe your old email from every mailing lists
you are subscribed to and subscribe the new one manually, this can
easily be done using the web interface:



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