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14 CD's Sarge: CD #1 Hangs


I purchased the full Sarge CD set for the x86, which I received in the mail.
I wish to install this on a system which is currently running Fedora Core 4

This system is a EPIA-M Mini-ITX with a EPIA-M series motherboard with a ID C5C VIA C3 Ezra processor. 900 MHz; -march=i586; m3dnow -03 -pipe; -fomit-frame-pointer; -mmmx; 12 stage pipeline; FPU@ 50% clock; 1.35v; CPGA/EBGA; 52 mm2

It does not boot to an installation screen form disc #1.
I assume that disc #1 is the starting disc for installing Debian:  yes/no
What I do get is a Debian graphics screen.

The system has a DVD/CDROM drive as it's only installation drive.

Is there a solution to this problem?

thank you

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