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Re: your mail

Hallo, dies ist eine englische Mailingliste, deswegen werde ich auf 
Englisch antworten.

On Wed, Jan 18, 2006 at 08:06:11PM +0100, CheapLinux.de wrote:
> [Entry in CD vendor database has resulted in lots of spam mails.]

Sorry for this! We generally assume that if someone requests that his info 
is added to the page, he is aware that this will cause an increase in spam.

For your case, I'm afraid that even if we now made the addresses 
unparseable by spammers in some way, this would not solve your problem. 
Your address will remain in the spammers' databases for a few more years. I 
can only advise you to use good spam filters, e.g. spamassassin. :-|

(BTW, every Debian developer suffers from this, even much worse than you, 
because developer addresses are made public on a fairly large number of 

In the past, there has been lots of discussion about making addresses 
harder to harvest by spammers. Personally, I agree that this is desirable, 
and IMHO it is possible without causing problems for a significant portion 
of visitors. However, there has been opposition to all these plans, and it 
is likely that nothing will ever happen in this area.



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