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Bug#347922: www.d.o: outdated reference to boot-floppies

reassign 347922 debian-installer
retitle 347922 Create separate webpage on filing installation reports and bugs
severity 347922 wishlist

On Friday 13 January 2006 16:10, Justin Pryzby wrote:
> File: http://www.debian.org/contact
> It is my understanding that boot-floppies wasn't used in the Sarge
> installer, and won't be used in any future installer; thus the
> reference should be updated ("debian-installer"?) or removed.

I've updated the page to show debian-installer instead of boot-floppies.

It would be even better to link to a page explaining how to submit an
installation report, but a good link for that currently does not exist.
The d-i project page currently links to the installation guide for that,
which IMO is not a very good idea (especially not for this page) as that
link will need to be updated if the structure of the manual is changed.

Therefore reassigning this to d-i so maybe a page can be created with
information on how to file installation reports and bugs on the installer.

Thanks for reporting this one Justin.

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