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Bug#346043: Javascript bug in pkgreport.cgi

Package: www.debian.org
Severity: minor


pkgreport.cgi generates problematic JavaScript code: in function
pagemain(), toggle(2) is called but there is no element with id="a_2".
This causes Opera and Firefox to generate a Javascript error
(getElementById() returns null, which has no property .style.display). I
didn't test other browsers.

As a temporary fix, I used User Javascript (Opera's version of
GreaseMonkey) to use this version of toggle() instead:

	function toggle(i) {
		var a = document.getElementById("a_" + i);
		if (a) {
			if (a.style.display == "none") {
				a.style.display = "";
			} else {
				a.style.display = "none";

Admittedly, this doesn't fix the real problem, but I wasn't sure that
pkgreport.cgi wouldn't sometimes generate a page where the toggle(2)
call is necessary. From looking at the HTML, it seems that it's caused
by an off-by-1 error (is it generated by a loop in pkgreport.cgi?).

This error is mostly harmless, but it's probably a good idea to fix it.


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