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Helping with brazillian portuguese translation

Hi everybody, I want to introduce myself

I'm from Brazil and currently running Debian AMD64 unofficial port on my private Athlon 64 machine.
I started using Debian after a phew testings in another distributions and find Debian is the true GNU spirit and I wanted to contribute in some ways:
- moving some of the companies I work to from closed systems to Debian, which is currently going very well in the first I tryied;
- asking companies to contribute $$ to Debian since they don't need to pay lots of money to "you know who" anymore.

After that I saw that there is a lot of web pages needing translation to brazillian portuguese in debian.org, so, I want to know how or who I have to ask to and start helping in the translation process, since I have some experience in software and document translation in my professional recent past. So why not help opensource to be better?

Thanks in advance
Flavio Henrique A. Gurgel
Sao Paulo - Brazil

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