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problem w/ netinst

I have a PC running Window XP Pro on which I attempted to install Debian
to create a dual boot system.

I downloaded the i386 netinst cd via BitTorrent, used DeepBurner to burn
the iso and ran the install.  Installation reported as being successful. 
However, the boot into Debian failed (and then the boot into Debian
safemode failed).

The last few lines of the boot screen were as follows:

code: 0f b6 9c 36 a1 9e 83 cc ba ff 00 00 00 d3 e2 d3 e3 0f b6 84
Segmentation fault
<6>Journalled Block device driver loaded
pivot_root: No such file or directory
/sbin/init: 432: cannot open dev/console: No such file
Kernel panic: Attempted to kill init!

then there was just a cursor flashing at the bottom of the screen.  After
forcing the computer to turn off, I was able to boot into windows
successfully, but ran into the same errors when re-trying a boot into

Please let me know how this might be corrected.

thank you

Wellesley College, Class of 2006
~If we actually knew what we were doing, we wouldn't call it research.~

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