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Bug#328275: www.debian.org: debian-faq seems outdated

On Wed, Sep 14, 2005 at 04:44:33PM +0200, Joost van Baal wrote:
> Package: www.debian.org
> Severity: normal
> Hi,
> The page on http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/debian-faq/index.en.html
> says: "version CVS, 14 February 2003".  However, the current doc-debian
> package ships "version 3.1.2, 9 June 2005".  Is the debian-faq on the
> web really as outdated as it seems?  If so, it'd be nice if someone
> could make sure it got updated.  If not, it'd be cool if someone could
> fix the misleading version string.

For some reason bot the english and all the translations are stalled in that
date without there being any indication in the CVS log [1] or Make log [2]
that something is amiss.

I believe that a build needs to be forced in www-master, but I don't have
access to klecker, as it's restricted. CCing  debian-admin@lists.debian.org
so that they do a 'make clean' in the /org/www.debian.org/www/doc/manuals/faq
directory to see if this can be fixed.

If they don't answer back in a few days I will try to force it to clean
up before publishing temporarily by modifying the Makefile.



[1] http://www-master.debian.org/build-logs/ddp/cvs.log
[2] http://www-master.debian.org/build-logs/ddp/make.log

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