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3 questions

1. while trying to download the latest testing release of Debian Sarge 3.1
with jigdo 0.7.2
I found out the following error:
I did not receive the testing release, but the stable one.
Doing a quick research I found out that the *.jigdo files of the "testing"
branch are
identical with those of the "stable" branch.
Would you please correct this error?
2. If I produce Debian packages, which is the address to send them to? Just
to make shure that they appear at least in the unstable branch?
3. One package of the ones that I plan to develop depends on libmpeg2-4. It
is called xawtv-4.0.
My question is: If there exist licensing problems, how can I avoid them
without running into trouble?

Thanks in advance


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