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opinion on access keys for lists.debian.org [patch]

Hi all,

I've hacked on the MHonArc conffile debian.rc from the (lists-archives
package) in order to add accesskeys to the navigational links. The
conffile[1], patch[2] and an example sample of debian-user[3] are
online. The choices of access keys are:

	date index:	d
	thread index:	t
	thread prev:	p
	thread next:	n
	date prev:	e (earlier)
	date next:	l (later)

Each link also has a title attribute added which expresses the
accesskey. This is a convention used by the default appearance of
wikipedia, for example.

I plan to submit this as a wishlist bug against `listarchives', but
before I did I thought I'd ask the www list for your opinion. Would you
like to see this? Do you think the choice of access keys is sensible?


[1] http://jon.dowland.name/temp/lists.debian.org/debian.rc
[2] http://jon.dowland.name/temp/lists.debian.org/accesskeys.diff
[3] http://jon.dowland.name/temp/lists.debian.org/threads.html or
    maillist.html for index by date.

Jon Dowland

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