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Re: about http://www.debian.org/devel/people

El jueves, 1 de septiembre de 2005 15:52, Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña 
> From the tests I've done with the Debian mailing lists, if you mail to them
> (no need to suscribe there), your e-mail will be added to spam databases
> worlwide in less than 2 hours. Unless those e-mails are not used in the ml
> I see no sense in ofuscating them.

	What Javier means here is that the spammers are simply subscribed to 
debian-user and other high traffic volume mailing lists. The interval from 
sending to a Debian mailing list until the first spam arrived was less than 
the publishing time in web.

> BTW, I could add a test e-mail addres there (in HTML comments)
> to see if those are harveste at all. Does anyone thing that would be a
> useful experiment?

	I think that some conducted experiment like yours would put clearly the 
*current* spammer techniques, not old ones like web harvesting (apart from 
the fact that people seems to accept replacing @ by entities is a smart idea, 
and forget that if you were a harvesting program, the second thing you will 
search for would be the entity (apart from [blank]@[blank], [blank]AT[blank], 
and other *smart* tricks.)

	Oh, and I think that maybe you could write O:-) some report with your results 
and send it to debian-devel and/or debian-www and to the listmasters...oh and 
do not forget Santiago Vila. :-D

	Best regards,

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