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Bug#325190: www.debian.org: Patches for HTML 4 strict


Although I have not really looked at the patch or the results yet, I'd 
like to congratulate you on this result.
The main reason for this mail is a couple of questions. 
On Friday 26 August 2005 19:45, Jutta Wrage wrote:
> The set of patches applied to this mail make 17163 pages validationg
> with HTML strict.

Can you give a rough overview of the parts that are / are not covered?

> A full build (without chinese, which does not build 
> on PPC) can be seen at http://www.witch.westfalen.de/debian/dwww2/.

This preview site shows a "validate" link which results in "Unknown host 
Is this included in the patches or just something local you used for 
checking the patches? Any chance of replacing it with something that will 


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