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Re: LATEx help plzz ??

On 22-08-2005, at 04h 40'11", Sameen Khan wrote about "LATEx help plzz ??"
> hi sir
> i want to LATEX only LATEX plz tell me the link frm
> whr i can download LATEX plzz
> plzzzzzzzz reply me
> Sameen

Your question is offtopic. 
debian-user@lists.debian.org  is for users of Debian OS,
debian-boot@lists.debian.org  is for booting Debian OS,
debian-www@lists.debian.org   is for Debian.org web pages.

Well, the Debian way would be to "apt-get"-it yourself. E.g.

apt-get install tetex-base tetex-bin tetex-extra tetex-doc 

You need a valid /etc/apt/source.list file.

If you want to compile it yourself you can get the tetex-src
package the same way.

If you want to do it outside a/the Debian box, then I guess it helps
to have a look at www.ctan.org. The Linux/Unix version of LaTeX/TeX
is tetex and the windows version is miktex.

Good luck.

Ionel, a LaTeX addicted user.

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