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Re: Bug#322696: www.debian.org: WWW Pages license link broken

Tommi Vainikainen <thv+debian@iki.fi> wrote:
> While I made this bug report, I thought also that maybe it would be a
> good idea to change license to something better known, for example
> some of Creative Commons?

It's not worth relicensing from one set of non-free terms to
another, unless you think the current licence is harder to
understand than the longer CC licences, or something.  With any
luck, there'll be a free-software-ready CC soon.

> Is this how hard to change? Now it says that SPI has all copyright.

If that is true, I think it just needs DPL to ask SPI relicense.

MJ Ray (slef), K. Lynn, England, email see http://mjr.towers.org.uk/

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