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Re: italian mirrors update

Hi Marco,

* Marco d'Itri (md@Linux.IT) [050805 14:53]:
> ftp.it.debian.org and ftp2.it.debian.org do not host non-US anymore.

This change seems to be done already as of now.

> ftp.edisontel.com should be renamed to ftp.eutelia.it, the company has
> been borged two years ago.

Is it ftp.eutelia.it or ftp.eutelia.com? The list has currently .com.

> debian.nettuno.it is gone (now from DNS too) and will not come back,
> the admin moved to another company.
> softcity.libero.it: gone since a long time too.

seems to be already commited.

> ftp.unina.it: has dropped debian since at least one year.

Actually, this host is still in the mirrors list and seems to be alive
as of now.

> mi.mirror.garr.it: HTTP access is now available only at
> http://cdn.mirror.garr.it/mirrors/, and if the URL is not updated the
> redirect will break APT. http://mirror.garr.it/hy/info/0153.html

already done.

> win.koalasoft.org: not a mirror anymore.

also done.

Thanks for your mail.


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