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Re: cdimage website maintenance (was: Bug#322030: Woody CD images deserve to be more visible)

El Martes, 9 de Agosto de 2005 17:06, Steve McIntyre escribió:
> >If only there were a global left-hand navigation and breadcrumb trails
> >("Home -> foo -> bar") for easier navigation.  Displaying the standard
> >navigation bar ("About Debian", "News"...) on all pages is not really
> >appropriate for a website of this size. For the CD pages, it would be
> >useful if the different pages ("FAQ", "net install", "buy") were easily
> >accessible from other CD-related pages.
> Yes, true. I know there has been discussion about reworking the main
> Debian pages. We should get involved in that, maybe... :-) -www
> people, am I remembering correctly?
> >[...]
> >
> >> For example, from the top of www.debian.org, the toolbar link "Getting
> >> Debian" (which will be the first link many people will follow) points to
> >> http://www.debian.org/distrib/ . That page doesn't link to _any_ of the
> >> CD download pages, which is clearly silly.
> >
> >When I had created /CD/, /distrib/ and /distrib/cd were created by someone
> >else to "guide" visitors around the "ugly"/"overloaded"/whatever main CD
> >page. At the time, I chose not to argue because it wouldn't have helped.
> >So the existence of these pages is more the result of some personal
> >differences, maybe the time has come to clean things up.
> >
> >Clearly, there is a large overlap between /CD/ and /distrib/ - IMHO only
> >one of them should exist.
> Yes, definitely. Maybe for this some mockups and an IRC/email
> discussion of options would be useful.

	I think that, definitely, there are some pages not clearly linked from the 

	I am sure that some software exists for drawing a map of a website. A map 
where we see dependencies^Wlinks between pages, because in htat way we will 
have a global view of the site. I used to enter in a mess when tried to find 
some pages in the website, like list of members of the organization.

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