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Bug#322152: Please mention forums.debian.net

On Tue, Aug 09, 2005 at 01:19:07PM +0200, Jeroen van Wolffelaar wrote:

> forums.debian.net, which for full disclosure, I started and host, has
> been steadily gaining popularity in the past year, and consequently it
> has become a resource for new Debian users with actually quite a good
> chance of getting a useful response.

  It is a good site too, which helps.

> With now well over 700 contributions per month and steadily growing, I
> think it makes sense to mention these web forums somewhere on the
> debian.org website, for example http://www.debian.org/support#web.
> The current list of 4 websites is a bit on the short side in my opinion
> anyway, with also only 1 out of 4 websites actually being
> Debian-specific. A simple google query alone give a lot more useful
> resources for Debian users.

  I agree, and would also pimp my site ;)

  My suggestion would be to move the URLs listed in the page:


  I'm not too sure which way it should be, either move the misc/related
 sites into support#web, or vice-versa.  But having two lists which
 overlap so significantly is unnecessary duplication IMHO.

   Perhaps a seperate tree '/support/web', or similar?


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