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Bug#321895: [k.sahambi@gmx.net: Changelog pages on debian.org]

Package: www.debian.org

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Subject: Changelog pages on debian.org
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I was checking changelogs of a few packages and noticed the new format
of the changelog display pages. The new style looks more lively than the
earlier text-only pages, with the convenient navigation index on the
right side of the page (the "outline" class div).

I wanted to bring a small bug to your notice. The title for each of the
list element in the outline class has &amp; in it. E.g. on
the title list elements in outline class is as under

title="Randall Donald &amp;lt;rdonald@debian.org&amp;gt; Mon, 18 Jul
2005 14:30:46 -0700"

Which renders it in the browser as:

title="Randall Donald &lt;rdonald@debian.org&gt; Mon, 18 Jul 2005
14:30:46 -0700"

The &amp; before lt; and gt; is unnecessary. It should be &lt; and &gt;
- - the HTML entities in the code. The &amp; gets translated to the
ampersand character entity when the browser reads it thus leaving lt;
part as text. The correct string for the title should be:

title="Randall Donald &lt;rdonald@debian.org&gt; Mon, 18 Jul 2005
14:30:46 -0700"

If you are not trying to display the email address as
<rdonald@debian.org>, please disregard the above suggestion.

My take on the email address in the list element title:

Well, as every changelog entry has the email address of the developer,
having the email again in the title for the list items is kind of
redundant. It doesn't serve any purpose in the title of each list
element. We are actually using up more bandwidth adding the name and
email address of the developer in the title. Were we recently looking
for webhosting sponsors for some debian servers! I think just having the
date and time would be sufficient information.

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