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Bug#308988: bad usage of anchor tags leads to ugly css hover effects


On 5/16/05, Jutta Wrage <jw@witch.westfalen.de> wrote:

> I know, that there is some bad usage of a tags on the debian pages. But
> if you look at the second URL, you will see that the headings _really_
> are links to other pages with more information about the subject.

No, not all of them! C.f 'Usenet Newsgroups', 'Web Sites', etc.!

>> <h2><a name="intro" id="intro"/>Introduction</h2>
> Beside that a-tags are closed by </a> in html.

It is closed! It is a so called 'empty element'
(http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/#h-4.6), which is closed by a trailing
'/' (after "intro").

Looking at debian.css, it seems as the 'a's in front of the
pseudo-classes 'link', 'visited', etc. have been removed. I don't know
if this is the prettiest solution though. I would really prefer the
soultion using [href] attribute matching, since this only matches
hypertext links.

Kind regards,

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