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Re: Problem with extra frames in the Danish language version of /devel/index


On Sun, Feb 27, 2005 at 12:13:03AM +0100, Kaare Olsen wrote:
> In the Danish language version of /devel/index the sections
> "Projekter" ("Projects") and "Forskelligt" ("Miscellaneous") are
> displayed within two frames instead of one, unlike the other language
> versions of that page.  The same page's footer has two frames, also not
> present in the other versions.
> Something must be wrong in the Danish version, but I can't to spot the
> error; could someone else please take a look?

Please check again, I was not able to verify this. I do not see a
different structure in the Danish and English page.

I opened it in konqueror, lynx, w3m and mozilla.
Try to reload the page :-))


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