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Who's using Debian?

1) Name of Organisation: Terex Australia (Apart of the Global Terex Corporation)
2) Organisation Type: Commercial
3) www.terex.com (Terex Australia uses the Global Terex Website)
4) Terex Australia uses Debian for routing, firewalls, proxy servers, support systems, desktop machines, fileservers and various other tasks. The main reason for choosing Debian over other distribution's is the amazing package-management mixed with ease-of-use and its ability to serve us so well.
Terex is a multi-billion dollar global company that manufactures opencut mining and drilling equipment. You can get more information on Terex by visiting its Website.
For more information I can be contacted via the Following:
Phone: +61 (8) 9353 0621
Email: sdeburgh@terex-mining.com.au

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