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Re: Distribuição baseada no Debian

Hi www, :)

Frank Lichtenheld escreveu:
:: Doesn't really make any difference. If you send a ready
:: patch you can certainly use the list. The bug system is
:: more usefull in cases where the mail should be visible
:: recorded for a certain time until the issue in question
:: is fixed.

	Long time ago, we have a request to add APLINUX to
the [1]list of child distros, the problem is that the
description was in brazilian portuguese; I talked with the
author and I'm sending the description in pt_BR and also
translated in english (en_US). Could you please add to the
site? :)


	I would like to ask for some help in "english" as
I translated it, I'm afraid that "automatize" is not right,
Google define:automatize founds it, but I'm not sure. :))

	Thanks in advance.

Distribution Name: APLINUX
URL: http://www.aplinux.com.br
URL download: http://www.aplinux.com.br/aplinux.php

APLINUX is a distribution based on Debian GNU/Linux focused on
WEB Servers, DNS Servers and Mail Server. Its main goal is
automatize the tasks of installation and configuration of the
system, with the pourpose to achieve the maximum in
trustworthiness, stability and security.

Available services in the APLINUX project website:

- Discussion forum (http://www.aplinux.com.br/forum)
- FAQ (http://www.aplinux.com.br/faq.htm)
- Packages repository (http://www.aplinux.com.br/repositorio.php)

Nome da Distribuição: APLINUX
URL: http://www.aplinux.com.br
URL download: http://www.aplinux.com.br/aplinux.php

O APLINUX é uma distribuição baseada no Debian GNU/Linux exclusivamente
voltada para Servidores de Publicação WEB, Servidores de Publicação DNS
e Servidores de E-Mail. Seu principal objetivo é automatizar as tarefas
de instalação e configuração do sistema, a fim de alcançar o máximo em
confiabilidade, estabilidade e segurança.

Serviços disponíveis no site do Projeto

- Fórum de discussão (http://www.aplinux.com.br/forum)
- FAQ (http://www.aplinux.com.br/faq.htm)
- Repositório de Pacotes (http://www.aplinux.com.br/repositorio.php)

// Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) <felipe@cathedrallabs.org>
// GUD-PR / DUG-PR || http://www.debian-pr.org
// GUD-BR / DUG-BR || http://www.debian-br.org
// Debian Project  || http://www.debian.org/

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