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Exhibition Stand Design Germany

Hallo exhibitor,  

Welcome to  MCS werbe &  messebau GmbH. On this email we would like to present our exhibition- and  fair construction services in europe.  

We are your one stop shop for all exhibition needs including graphics, furniture, audio visual equipment,  transport,  set up plus cleaning after completion, dismantling and warehouse storage. If needed our staff will be on site during the handover to answer and address any  questions you  may have. We are able to handle the full scope of your exhibition requirements.  

We are happy to provide you with a noncommittal detailed proposal including a floor plan,  perspective  drawings and a colored rendering free of charge.  Everything is available in English and by email (PDF).  

For assistance in planning your stand we provide a checklist  , please visit our website at   www.mcs-messebau.com   in the  contact area.   

We would be happy to send you a not-binding quote.   

Yours sincerely   

m.c.s. werbe- & messebau GmbH   
Krautmühlenweg 8   
D-52066 Aachen/Germany   
phone: 00 49-241-97 02 97   
fax    : 00 49-241-97 02 99   

web : www.mcs-messebau.com   

If you wish to be taken out of our mailing list please send us an email to 
mcs-messebau@gmx.de and fill in your email address in the appropriate window. 
We will honor and respect all requests with regards to taking out your email address from our listings. 

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