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Bug#277950: www.mirror.ac.uk is unreliable


Here's the report:
> Picking www.mirror.ac.uk never seems to work when I pick it
> from the list of UK mirrors in any of the 3 or 4 installs
> I've done in the last few months.
> I used to use this site for all my machines and it was always nice and
> fast (unlike the official UK debian mirror) and up.  However, there
> was some funny business with this site a few months ago.
> IIRC, the www.mirror.ac.uk domain was handed over to some 3rd party
> to whom provision of the service is now contracted out.  After some
> downtime it reappeared, but the old lines in my sources list no
> longer worked.
> The service originally provided at www.mirror.ac.uk now lives
> at www.mirrorservice.org and very well it works too (just needed
> a global-replace on the domain in my apt sources and I was fine).
> Everyone in the local LUG who used www.mirror.ac.uk switched
> to www.mirrorservice.org when it disappeared.
> I'd suggest providing www.mirrorservice.org instead/as well, and/or
> figuring out what magic the new operators of www.mirror.ac.uk
> need (suspect it's somthing like using www.mirror.ac.uk/mirror/... instead
> of www.mirror.ac.uk/sites/... ?  Although that doesn't work for me
> either).


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