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[Fwd: Re: Please, would specify in the global packages list, from which group each package is related.]

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Subject: Re: Please, would specify in the global packages list, from which group
each package is related.
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 22:39:21 +0100
From: Guillaume Tessier <g_tessier@orange.fr>
To: David Mandelberg <mandelbergd@eth0.is-a-geek.org>
References: <[🔎] 41EC4696.3040008@orange.fr> <[🔎] 41EC4E68.6010802@eth0.is-a-geek.org>

David Mandelberg wrote:

>Guillaume Tessier wrote:
>>I would like to point out a quite irritating thing in the packages web
>>page : there is a lot of package and when i'm looking for a specic
>>package, sometimes i really spend grat among of time finding it.
>>I explain : off course there is the package list do browse the whole
>>database, but it could be nice if you could specify in which group of
>>packages you classified it. I use aptitude and sometimes i need to
>>browse lot's of pakages group to find the one i'm looking for.
>>For exemple, i'm now looking for cdrecord. The package list tells me it
>>exists but i can't find it while browsing the packages groups that
>>appear 'to me' as evident.
>>Please, would specify in the global packages list, from which group each
>>package is related.
>Do you mean something like <http://packages.debian.org/stable/devel/>?

Thanks for writing and sorry for being long to reply to you.

Right, the global package list is nice : you think about a software you
would like and you just go onto this page to 'do your software market' &
get some more information about it (like the useful bug report and
stuff....) but when i go back to aptitude to download & install the
package, it happens that i don't find it in the package directory i
expected .

/Exemple :/
_mozilla_ ----> in the web software directory indeed.
_cdrecord_ ------> Admin utilities ....NO, base utilities... NO,
Utilites... NO, Miscellaneous...NO! Finally, i found it in 'Other OS's
and file systems'...(i even looked in newsgroup :)).

As the debian packages repository is rather enormous, i think i could be
great to specify in the global package list :

and when you click onto the cdrecord hyperlink, to get a ligne on the
cdrecord web page (http://packages.debian.org/testing/otherosfs/cdrecord)
"cdrecord belongs to the Other OS's and Filesystems direcrory."

Then it's quick to find & download this soft with aptitude... (i admit i
could just apt-get it...).

Allright, that's just a proposal to increase the already high quality
service provided by debian mainteners.


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David Mandelberg

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