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Bug#289876: remove me from callwave, and then google me harder

On Wed, Jan 12, 2005 at 10:47:00AM +0000, paddy wrote:
> First of all, I'm not a DD - I don't know if this has any bearing, but I
> thought I'd best get it up front.

There's no need to be a DD to contribute to Debian :-)

> I'd happily write such a page.  I imagine it should be as short and simple
> as possible. How big is the manual I'm supposed to have read before I
> can do this? Would something like the following help?

I think it does, actually. It moves the point from "nobody has written a 
page yet" to "do we want to?"

> Perhaps it doesn't need to be a page on it's own, and could form part of an
> FAQ.  

I think there is no mailing list FAQ yet. Maybe it should be written and 
available from lists.debian.org

> I do not know how this would interact with search engine weighting.

Unknown, search engines don't (fully) disclose the algorithms they use.

> For that matter, putting up a page such as I suggest might make things worse.
> I do not pretend to know.

Well, I think it makes thing worse, but maybe things need to get worse
before they start getting better. I really don't know. Maybe even having
Debian be the first hit on "hot babes" can derive people that would be
happily watching pXrn to contributing in an universal OS. Who knows

BTW. You did not CC: 289876@bugs.debian.org, I'm not sure if this is 
deliberate or not, do you mind if I bounce this mail there?




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