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Bug#263084: (no subject)

I would not classify myself as a grammarian, but English is my first language and I try to use correct grammar most of the time.  The use of "they" to refer to a single person is entirely incorrect.  There is no debate.  The grammatically correct way to refer to a single person when the gender of the person is unknown is to defer to the masculine and use "he."  Feminists don't like this because they don't like the phrase, "defer to the masculine."  Personally, I think you should use "he" on the website.  It is not sexist; "he" is commonly used when the gender is not known.  English just works like that.  If this correct usage is found unacceptable for some reason, use "he/she" or alternate between "he" and "she."  That is how other people who are trying to be both politically and grammatically correct deal with this "problem."

There's no need for red-hot pokers.  Hell is -- other people!
        -Jean-Paul Sartre

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