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Re: official debian wiki installation

Matt, Gabriel, and others:

I apologize for not writing back sooner.  When I received this message,
we were in the middle of preparations for Hurricane Ivan.  Ivan's winds
left us without power for 10 days, so I am just now getting back to

First, let me emphasize that DebianWiki is not an official Debian
project.  Like all things debian.net, it is merely the operation of a
single Debian developer, although most of the Wiki work itself is done
by the contributors, not by me.

As long as DebianWiki remains an unofficial project, I am hesitant to
consider any change of codebase or usage.  I am certainly willing to
entertain private emails that attempt to change my mind, but I don't
have a lot of time to devote to changing things around.

If the Debian system administrators or the DPL would like to make
DebianWiki an official project, I would certainly be willing to assist
in that effort.  I have very little ego attached to the Wiki, and would
be delighted to see it continue to grow -- and move from d.n to d.o,
while it's at it.

Personally, I like CamelCase; I like traditional Wiki notation; I like
Kwiki.  However, if the DebianWiki community and Debian membership would
like to see the Wiki move in a different direction, I am certainly
willing to be in the minority.

I do not believe I am subscribed to debian-www, and I appreciate
whoever copied me in.  Please let me know if anyone would like to lead
the charge for "legitimizing" DebianWiki.

 - Michael

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