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Re: DMUP violated? / Proposal: devel/website/using_cvs.wml

* Florian Ernst <florian@uni-hd.de> [2004-09-04 11:19]:
> I knew about the debian-www-cvs mailing list but thought this is
> acceptable, after all the system is set up for many changes.

 Yes. And the BTS is set up for many bugreports. This does still mean
that huge changes should definitely be discussed and _announced_ at
least, so people are aware before.

> Apparently it was not acceptable, and at least one person was / is
> seriously annoyed by the amount of similar messages coming in, so I
> propose the attached change to devel/website/using_cvs.wml.

 It was acceptable, but you forgot to announce it. I was more annoyed
that it wasn't announced at all, and right after you got your access.

> Unfortunately things have already happened and as the very same person
> has used the term "abuse" please check whether I have violated the
> DMUP (I guess "wilful, deliberate, reckless or unlawful act
> interfer[ing] with the work of another developer" and "Mail Bombing"
> _could_ apply here) or any other document.

 Abuse in the sense of waiting for your commit permissions and stump
over the whole archive without any coordination at all, or any
indication that this would happen.

 You just need to keep in mind to say what you are doing if your are
stumping with about 180 messages into many people's mailboxes, and that
beforehand. If you would have done it wouldn't have been any problem at

 Thanks for not trying to resolve that with me as your translation
coordinator and advocate for your commit permission but rather bringing
it up on here. This will definitely help with our relationship and my
opinion on you....

To err is human,
To purr feline.
                -- Robert Byrne

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